Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beautiful, imperfect Heirlooms

I love knowing where the food I feed myself with comes from.

My husband and I grow our own veggies and herbs during the spring and summer 
(well...he does the work, I just help out), 
but we like to complement our little harvest 
with the bounty and variety we find at the nearby Farmer's Market.

I smiled from ear to ear last Saturday morning when I saw the array of heirlooms
in almost every single stand.

Why do I love heirlooms? 
 Their shape is odd.

They are full of wrinkles.

They have blemishes.
They are imperfect.

And so am I.
They remind me of me.

Though they may not be suitable for mainstream supermarkets,
I celebrate their colorfulness, their intense flavor, and their personality.

 I love growing oddly imperfect heirlooms. 
They remind me of my imperfect yet beautiful life.

Hope you are happy with what you see in yours.

Welcome to my new blog and my first post.

Eat with passion. Live with passion. 

 To a wonderful life, 

Photos: mine and Tomato Bob


  1. i grow a HUGE garden too - i have so much i BEG people to take the fruits and veggies - but i LOVE it when i'm cooking that i just gotta step outside to get ingredients

  2. Silvia, loving the new blog, we grow veggies as well and love our weird, awesome tomatoes!!!

  3. Those tomatoes look wonderful.
    Perfectly imperfect!
    Look forward to reading your new blog.
    Have a lovely day,

  4. I love this new blog! It's perfect! :)

  5. My beautiful SILVIA!!!! I LOVE YOUR NEW LOOK HERE!!!!!! I have to switch out your prior blog to this one on my list! How nice of you to come visit me! My blog went through some MINOR changes and the header will be changed weekly. I am enjoying having larger pictures!

    This is a very down to earth, colorful and WELCOMING place you have here my dear. Merci for your lovely invitation to be here with you. I wish you much joy as you create your space!! Anita

  6. Hi! I LOVE this!!!!! What a blessing to be able to eat your own tomatoes!! I wish we lived in a warmer country :) But I just harvested 15 kg og apples yesterday and I LOVE to eat my own apples. What a wonderful feeling! I think this blog is really interesting and I'm interested in food so I look forward to the continuation. The name of the hotel is HOTEL BELVEDERE in Sirmione.It is the most cute little hotel and cheap, too. I recommend it! Have a lovely weekend!

    love Kristin

    1. Thanks Kristin for sharing the hotel name! It's on my list now. Going to Italy in June, yay!

  7. Congratulations to your new blog! Your first post is very individual! I really do like it! I think the imperfect is what life makes interesting - may it be with fruits or veggies, with furniture, with people etc. Shall add you on my lovely blog list! Christa

  8. Congratulations!!!! I love the food healthy too!!!

    Have a nice week!!


  9. I love that you grow your own tomatoes!! I would love to do something like that but I am hopeless at gardening

  10. I want some!!!! They look amazing. Good job on the blog!

  11. Olá,
    amei seu blog, cheio de dicas preciosas. Moro no campo, e é uma vergonha, não planto nada. O que tenho plantado são temperos. Mas aqui estamos passando por uma grande seca, então tudo morre. Uma vez plantei tomate cereja, é um pequeninho, ele é chamado aqui de praga, se cair uma sementinha no solo já vira uma moita e dá muitos frutos. Colhi muitos frutos. Adorei conhecer Argentina por você, não sabia que tinha uma colonia de Italianos lá. Como somos fronteira todo ano visitamos Buenos Aires, agora quero ir na Patagônia, mas dizem que lá somente no verão. Quero fazer suas receitas argentinas.
    Adorei sua visita. Em qual cidade moraste aqui no Brasil? Menina, fugimos da cidade por causa do carnaval, mas lá também tinha e ficamos encantado com a linda festa carnavalesca.
    Até, tenha uma ótima semana, foi um prazer te conhecer.

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